Buddha and the Monkey King (Interactive Broadcast)

A Chinese-Western opera telling the classic tale.

Wed 23 Sep 2020 to Wed 21 Oct 2020

Buddha and the Monkey King (Interactive Broadcast)


Produced by Anna Vienna Ho

Recording available for 28 days after broadcast

There is also a live performance of Buddha and the Monkey King at The Cockpit Theatre at 19:00-19:30, Saturday 19th September 2020.

This broadcast includes a recording of the live performance, and additional live content.

Music: Anna Vienna Ho
Words: Michael CT Lam & Roxanne Korda

“Buddha and the Monkey King” from Journey to the West (World Premiere)

An adaptation of ‘Journey to the West’ by Wu Cheng’en, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. Rooted in Chinese folk religion, mythology, and Confucianist, Taoist and Buddhist philosophies, this opera opens a new window on the novel. This short opera, which is considered a “prologue” of the whole work, shows one of its most iconic moments as Buddha talks to the mighty Monkey King.

This English-language opera blends Chinese and Western musical traditions. The second part of the work, “The Monk of the River” will be performed in the next Tête à Tête Opera Festival.

The performance will include an introduction to Chinese instruments, especially the Ruan.

Additional content for the broadcast:

The interactive broadcast will include a more in-depth look at the instruments used, and a Q&A with the composer and performers.
All ages (mostly adults)

Live Broadcast: Wednesday 23rd September - 7:30pm

Entry Price £1, Donations during the event