Cactus Comedy

A New Generation Of Prickly French Humour

Sun 6 Nov 2016

Cactus Comedy

Comedians from France cross the Channel for your delight!

"You can’t laugh about everything"... This is exactly what CACTUS COMEDY comedians dare to challenge ! This event dedicated to Prickly Humour was born in October 2015. Once a month, humorists are able to present a substantial extract of their one man/women shows in successful venues in Paris and across France.

What do they have in common? 

They deliver a politically incorrect, committed, corrosive, and disrespectful humour that will make you laugh about serious topics which often concern most people: politics, religion, racism, extremism, ecology and so forth…

CACTUS COMEDY offers a platform which promotes, puts forward and reveals a new generation of comedians, the sentinels of our society.

Crossing the Channel, reaching new audiences and meeting French language lovers  is CACTUS COMEDY’s « raison d’être » and vocation.

« Un évènement à ne pas manquer pour le meilleur et pour le rire ! »

Sunday 6th November - 6pm

£10 online / £12 on door