Clouding Blue

This AI is definitely not PG

Thu 5 Nov 2020

Clouding Blue

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Produced by JARZGAR
Presented by Cyborphic and The Cockpit
Performed live in the venue

This show has been CANCELLED due to lockdown.
All ticket holders will be refunded.

It's one thing to embrace new technology.  But what happens when new technology starts embracing you?

Imagine for a moment that a machine designed to give pleasure has suddenly developed a desire to receive pleasure itself - mysteriously turning itself on (in more ways than one) and going forth into the world in search of gratification. 
Would this be something to be explored, endorsed and encouraged?  Or something to be nipped in the bud as quickly as possible?  And who would have the right to decide?

"Euston we have a problem."  Join technician Christy in his lab deep beneath North London as he locks horns with SNZF17K1 (aka Fitt). 
His mission: to work out what on earth - or off it - is happening, and how - or whether - to stop it from ever happening again.

Thursday 5th November - 8:30pm

*please be aware that this performance contains nudity / sexually-oriented material*

Full price: £15 Concessions: £12