Come Bargain With Uncanny Things

You Must Negotiate With The Fey

30 Jul to 29 Aug

Full Price: £15 | Affordable: £5 | Online: £1 plus optional donation
Produced and presented by Virtually Opera

Music and Words: Created by the company and audience
Concept and Structure: Leo Doulton

On Stage - Live Performance: 7:00pm - 8:00pm and 9:15pm - 10:15pm, 30 July, £15/£5

Live Online - Interactive Broadcast: 5:00pm - 6:30pm, 1 August, £1

On Demand - Interactive Broadcast Recording: 1 August - 29 August, £1

They exist in the forgotten spaces.

They are beautiful.
They are terrible.
They never lie.
They hoard the truth.
We can bind them.
They are the uncanny things.

You are requested and invited to attend a ritual of bargaining in these difficult times.

Come Bargain With Uncanny Things continues Virtually Opera’s exploration of interactive, immersive opera. Through bargains, research, charms, and guile, you and your fellow sages must try to resolve the latest incidents. Get it right, and our ritual will be beautiful. Get it wrong, and our guests may become… erratic.

Wear a mask. The uncanny things like teeth.

The interactive broadcast features an opportunity to play with some of the game-based tools Virtually Opera used to make the show, and ask the creative team about the collaborative worldbuilding used for the show.

Age range: PG-13
Content advisory: This is an improvised show, and we cannot guarantee its exact content. The following topics may be alluded to, but will not be graphically represented: death, hallucination, violence.

We ask our audiences to stay home if there is any risk of infection, and to stick to one metre social distancing at all times. 

We continue to:

  • Reduce the number of people using spaces in the building
  • Maintain COVID safe cleaning regimes   
  • Make available bottles of hand sanitiser and wipes throughout the building
  • Open all the doors and windows to aid air-flow and fill the place with potted plants that cheer us all up (and calm us all down).

For this show we are keeping managed social distancing in place. 

We also request that everyone wear a mask when moving around the building, wash their hands often and practice self-distancing. Our companies and audiences will include Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people. We want everyone to feel and be safe.

  • You will be asked to queue outside in your bubbles, so wear weather-relevant clothes and let us know if you or anyone you know has a mobility or standing difficulty by emailing the Box Office.   
  • We will check you in on arrival. You may be asked for ID so please have some handy. 
  • We will show you straight into the auditorium - unless you need to use the facilities - where you will be seated in your bubbles
  • There will be one way systems in place.  Our gorgeous stewards will guide you and show you how to leave should you need to.
  •  In the auditorium, another gorgeous steward will check our seating plan and show you to your seat(s). Like in a restaurant. 


We will be running a normal bar service with extra tables for your drinking comfort.


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