Crac Dedans @ Voila Festival

A show in French for children 6 yrs +

Sat 17 Nov 2018

Crac Dedans @ Voila Festival


Produced and presented by Tete a l'Envers

Hosted by The Cockpit as part of VOILA! Festival

Rose and Noé are alone at home.  Noé must watch over his little sister.  Rose is a child, she is not allowed to go outside.
The outside is for big ones.  Those who are able to fight against the wind.  But Rose is very eager...
Rose and Noé will question, tease, confort, assert themselves. 

Crac Dedans is the story of the outside who invites himself inside, a story of children, a story of adults.
It is the story of a fraternity, a quest for freedom, an invitation to overcome one's fears to grow better.

Full price: £ Concessions: £