Diaries of Madmen

Reimagined Russian classics

Tue 5 Feb 2019 to Sun 10 Feb 2019

Diaries of Madmen


Produced and presented by Xameleon Theatre

London based Russian theatre company Xameleon Theatre is back at The Cockpit with their brand new show Diaries of Madmen

Diaries of Madmen is  based on Nikolai Gogol's novel Diary of a Madman and composer's Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky's personal diaries.

Famous farcical short story by one of the greatest Russian writers Nikolai Gogol, is a funny and brutal exploration of a civil servant's Poprishchin struggle to keep a grip on reality.

Another civil servant Piotr Tchaikovsky, who later became one Russia's most celebrated composers, also had a complicated relationship between his inner world and reality. His personal diaries reveal his daunting self-doubt, suicidal thoughts and loneliness.

Madness might mean a failure to find your proper place in the world, or the compulsion to occupy a place to which you’re not entitled. Diaries of a Madmen exposes a man’s longing to find such a place for himself, a place where he is visible, where he matters, and above all, belongs.

Director Konstantin Kamenski combines the stories of two civil servants, and together with the designer Irina Gluzman, explores the relationship between genius and madness, hopelessness and the desire to escape into the imaginary world.

Performed in Russian with English surtitles.
Recommended age 10+

Directed by Konstantin Kamensky
Produced by Vladislava Lemeshevskaya
Stage and Costume Design by Irina Gluman
Performed by Oleg Sidorchik and Irina Kara

Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th February 2019 - 7:30pm
Sunday 10th February 2019 - 2:30pm
Full price: £26 Concessions: £22