Disrupting Leadership

Leadership models for the future.

Wed 23 Oct 2019

Disrupting Leadership

Produced and presented by AKOU in partnership with CCPN

How can we change and improve the model that we've come to know as leadership?

How do we all become our own personal leaders?

Do we need leaders at all anymore...?

Do we all have a duty to be a leader at some point in our lives?


This event brings together an exciting panel of disruptive innovators who are challenging ideas on leaders, leadership and leadership development.

Join us for a dynamic discussion on how we transform the leadership model and learn to lead together as flat-structure networks. We wiil discuss how we better support our local leaders and work more effectively from a local level. Most importantly our speakers will share their thoughts on how we support ourselves to be leaders in our own right.


Catherine Stagg-Macey- Lea_p, A New Way of Leadership

Catherine is the Director of Team Coaching at Lea_p, a leadership development and coaching company. Catherine believes we have to redefine what we want and expect from our leaders. She believes that the days of throwing up our hands in despair and sticking our heads in the sand, hiding from our helplessness, are gone. It’s our duty to ourselves and the future generation to find the leader within ourselves.

Melissa Wills- Women Like Me Ldn

Melissa is the founder of Women Like Me, a Collective curated as a result of the lack of representation, support and progression for underrepresented groups within tech. Her passion, energy and drive for building communities has enabled safe spaces to exist where progressive conversation about race and gender equality can take place.

Sadiki Harris- Director of Three One Six Media

Sadiki passionately applies his skills and expertise in Marketing and Advertising to further the work of third sector organisations. Born and bred in Lambeth and currently works as Communication Lead for Black Thrive, which is an organisation concerned with Black Mental Health in the borough. He also runs his own communications start-up Three One Six Media.

Sarah Tulej- XR Hackney & Forum for the Future

Sarah is a mother and a change designer at Forum for the Future, a leading international sustainability non-profit. Sarah leads organisations and global collaborations to tackle environmental and social challenges in key systems, focusing on food and fashion.

Wednesday 23rd October  - 7.30pm - 9pm

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