Extreme Improv Comedy Show

17 Oct - 8.00pm

Improvised sketches.

Produced and presented by Extreme Improv
Presented by 
The Cockpit

The Extreme Improv Comedy Show is a hilarious and competitive improvised sketch show where performers battle each other with comedy to win the Extreme Improv Championship belt!

The Extreme Improv team takes Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style sketch improv, and throws in extreme twists to make the improv games more challenging and ridiculous then ever before! With a focus on innovation, see unique comedy games created by the Extreme Improv team such as the Reverse Alphabet Game, Verbtim - a game where players have to memorise each other exactly, the Extreme Monologue - where players aren't allowed to repeat any words and the Dreaded Gemini Scene where players are joined at the hip like a weird two headed person!

The Extreme Improv Comedy Show have been on a tour that has seen them perform all over the world, from festivals in San Francisco, Alaska and Florida in the United States, to the Tokyo Comedy Store in Japan, with shows all over the UK and Europe along the way. They've even been dominating the download scene with the highly rated Extreme Improv Podcast fast becoming one of the top Improv Comedy Podcasts in the world.

Sunday 17th October 2021
Sunday 24th October 2021
Friday 12th November 2021

Full price: £10 Concessions: £8
Tickets will go on sale soon