A Writer Makes A Pact With The Devil. But At What Cost?

18 Nov to 6 Dec

Full price: £14 Concessions: £12

Produced and Presented by La Compañia Perpetua in collaboration with Artistic Producciones Ltd

Hosted by The Cockpit


A play inspired by the Faustian myth, set in the modern world & seen through female eyes.

Written by the Mexican playwright, Diego Sosa.

Gily Jacoby is a successful writer who has become world famous thanks to a pact she made with the devil.
The pact has granted her the ability to see the ill future of couples and enables her to write the successful novels that have turned her into a best seller author.
The price, however, is far too high.

This ambitious woman is driven by greed and is willing to do anything for success, even at the price of her soul.


Virginia Woolf once said that the world of her times was not ready for a female Faustus. Now, according to the author, the modern world is.

Cast & Creatives
Lesley Lightfoot - Gily Jacoby
Jonson Wilkinson - Olivier Simone / Ponton / Andrew
Eddie Chamberlin - Chorus/ Apothecary
Bernard O'Sullivan - Detective Paterson
Charles Timson - Detective Virgil
Alessia Gotti - María / Karla / Alice / Martha

Directed by Rodrigo Johnson

Assistant Director: Raquel Moreno

Playwright: Diego Sosa

Producer: Andrés Conde

Associate Producer: Diego Sosa

Assistant Producer: Mariana Geisinger

Stage Design: Rodrigo Johnson

The play is a modern tragedy filled with black humour, in which characters are lead to the fulfillment of their own destiny. It explores the limits between fiction and reality, in a world where media has blurred those frontiers; a world where men and women are obsessed with power, money and social recognition.
A world that has lost its sensibility towards tragedy, and violence has taken over.

It’s title comes from a blend of Marlowe's and Goethe's character Dr. Faustus and Shakespeare's Falstaff, the mischievous character from Henry IV and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

The Mexican Theatre Company La Compañia Perpetua in collaboration with UK's Artistic Producciones, is proud to present this international project that brings together Mexican and British artists.
The play is being simultaneously produced in both Mexico city and London. We are taking director Frank Kaye to lead a Mexican cast in Mexico and we are bringing director Rodrigo Johnson to lead a British cast in the United Kingdom.

Wednesday 18th November to Sunday 6th December 2015 - 7:30pm

No shows on Mondays.

Press Night: 19th November

£14 / £12

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