Fear Eats Life

An Interactive Dark Comedy Cabaret

18 Nov to 19 Nov

£15 Tickets
This event is part of: 

Produced & Presented by The Strangers Like Me Collective
Austria / Canada / France / Germany / Ireland / UK

What happens when you are confronted with Fear?

Fear is testing human beings in their lab of fear. Mary, one of their test subjects faces the challenges of her relationship with Fear who doesn’t want to hang out with her anymore. This wouldn’t be a problem for anyone else, but Mary seems to have an addiction to Fear. She does her best to make Fear stay with her but this predictable situation makes it impossible for her to be happy.

She then meets Leon who shows her new perspectives. The dilemma of finding the right way to deal with Fear gets even harder for Mary as Fear starts to show interest in Leon.

In the end, it is up to the audience to decide how this story ends.
Will Fear or Mary win Leon over?
The three performers will improvise an ending of the audience’s choosing.

On Stage Thursday 18 & Friday 19 November at 9:00pm

Performed in English with French, German and Japanese
60 min 
Ages 16+
Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide and mental health issues

FB: @strangerslm.co
Instagram: @strangerslm.co
Twitter: @Strangerslmco
Website: www.strangerslm.co.uk

Founded in 2021, the Strangers Like Me is a new theatre collective which unites several international artists. They deal with topics that are neglected in everyday life and look at them from different, engaging perspectives. The Collective provides their audience with experimental theatre using humour and pathos to tackle universal problems. The collective is keen to open their doors to artists from all backgrounds who have an interest in acting, music, visual arts, improv and performing arts.

Cast & Creative team

Director & Dramaturg: Timna Krenn

Fear: Jeremy Chevillotte
Mary: Maeve Elmore
Leon: Fabrice-Édouard La Roche-Francoeur

Music & Composition: Nina Hölscher
Music Production: Tobias Till Krüger

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