Folk Tales (Live Performance)

Enchanting folk tales on the characters' terms

Thu 10 Sep 2020

Folk Tales (Live Performance)


Produced by Medusa Collective

There will also be an interactive broadcast of this show at 17:00-18:00, Saturday 12th September 2020; Folk Tales (Interactive Broadcast). A recording of that broadcast will be available for 28 days and tickets for the broadcast are sold seperately.

Music: Charlotte Marlow
Words: Caroline Hardaker

A crow dives across a barren field, a fox pelt is the only thing you have of your sister, and moon milk meets your lips… Folk Tales will magic you away to world where symbols have as much power as actions, and a word can change your fate.

Join us as we invoke the spirits of women and non-binary figures from mythology and folklore to reclaim their stories on their terms.

Featuring a libretto by celebrated North-Eastern poet Caroline Hardaker, and a magical animated set by Chloe Rodham. Folk Tales is an immersive theatre experience that will challenge what you know about the “other”, and leave you with a flicker of enchantment in your soul.

This production replaces Medusa Collective’s previously planned Fruit Bowl by Charlotte Marlow, John-Paul Burns, and Laura Garland, which has been cancelled.  Medusa Collective wanted to create a new piece as a direct response to the global pandemic, and due to ongoing performance restrictions as a result of COVID 19.  They hope to be able to present Fruit Bowl in the future, with its full cast and production intentions.

Age range: 13 upwards
Content warning: suggestions of rape, sexual assault, and graphic imagery

Thursday 10th September - 7:00pm
Duration: 35 minutes

Tickets:  Full price: £15.00 / Financially Challenged: £5.00

Prior to arrival:
You and your group must not have tested positive or be showing symptoms of Covid-19, nor have come into contact with someone who has tested positive within 14 days prior to your visit of The Cockpit.
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Full Price: £15, Financially Challenged: £5