Fossils, Lies & Poison

A taster menu of three operas.

7 Sep

Full price: £15 Affordable: £5

Produced and presented by Tasty Opera in association with the Royal Academy of Music

Music: Rockey Sun Keting
Words: Teresa Howard

Music: Zhenyan Li
Words: Sam Redway

Music: Joseph Howard
Words: Emma Harding

Fossils, Lies & Poison: a three-course operatic taster menu with sides orders of justice, farce and flypaper.

NEW GENUS. From her home on the Jurassic Coast, Mary Anning has made some of the greatest fossil finds of all time. But when she is accused of fraud, the heroine of palaeontology must prove herself to a disbelieving establishment.

CUMMINGS & GOERINGS. In a classroom mock trial, a schoolboy tries to clear his name having been caught, literally, with his hand in the cookie jar. He WILL find a fall guy…

BEHIND GOD’S BACK. In 1919, the men in one small Hungarian village are dropping like flies. As their wives know, revenge is a dish best served with arsenic.

Age Rating: All ages, but mostly adults

In a festival of new work, please note that shows can often overrun.

Wednesday 7 September 7:00pm