A goddess must break a heart.

31 Aug

Full price: £15 Affordable: £5

Produced and presented by Jataneel Banerjee

Music: Jataneel Banerjee
Words: Original Sanskrit text from Mahabharata by Veda Vyasa and Atharvaveda. English text by Jataneel Banerjee. 

A work-in-progress chamber opera in Sanskrit.

The story of Ganga: a saga of heartbreak, promises and love.

Ganga is a powerful, yet helpless, celestial river goddess, whose womb becomes the medium to fulfil the higher purpose of gods and men. Cursed and doomed to be born as mortals, the eight Vasus choose Ganga to be their mother. She promises to release all but one from the curse; the last must live on earth.

Ganga chooses her beloved Shantanu, mighty king of Hastinapur, to be the father. But, to keep her promise to the Vasus, she must also break his heart.

Age Rating: All ages, but mostly adults

In a festival of new work, please note that shows can often overrun.

Wednesday 31 August - 7:00pm