Gustav Holst's Operetta - The Idea

The Prime Minister Has Had An Idea

9 Jun

Full price: £16.45 (Incl. booking fees)

Produced and presented by Irrational Theatre

Gustav Holst’s The Idea

Discover the delight of this little known, family fun, theatrical operetta, which makes a welcome return after its UK premier during lockdown. The Prime Minister has had an Idea….
This early and tuneful composition by English composer Gustav Holst is an unexpected far throw from his best known orchestral suite The Planets. Holst’s collaboration with his 22 year old contemporary of The Royal College of Music Fritz B Hart fuses a sharp, witty and satirical libretto, Holst’s catchy tunes, inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan, woven into a joyful fresh new arrangement by Patrick Vincent.
In a witty and surreal adapted staging by director Paula Chitty. The Prime Minister of this great and glorious country interrupts the wacky court of a rambling king and clown faced queen to announce his great Idea.

**** ReviewsGate. It is performed and sung with relish – Valaria Perboni has has a nicely acid touch as HM and John Stivey bumbles to the manner born as the PM – by the entire cast. It is a rare delight stagedwith wit -director Chitty did the Costume and set design – and deserves to pop up all over place on the fringe and around after this short season. And the relevance to today needs no pointing up.

**** LondonTheatre1 Paula Chitty’s direction of this unexpected piece is taut and witty, with John Stivey and Valeria Perboni doing that ongoing English dance of P.M. and H.M. with edge and deftness.
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Running time 50 mins (No interval ) 

Composer - Gustav Holst
Librettist - Fritz B Hart
Arrangement – Patrick Vincent
Director /designer – Paula Chitty
Dance gestures – Elizabeth George
Stage Management – Kate Reynolds

Cast :
Charles Nayler
Valeria Perboni
Jamie Blake
Rosie Taylor
John Stivey

Joy Mendelsohn
Patrick O’Donovan
Amber Nixon

Sunday 9 June - 3:30pm and 6:00pm

Running time: 
50 mins (No interval )

Suitable for all. Family accessible Operetta