A Robot-Human Couple Seek Help

6 Aug to 6 Sep

Full Price: £15 | Affordable: £5 | Online: £1 plus optional donation
Produced and presented by Zeitgeist

Music and Words: Marco Galvani

On Stage - Live Performance: 7:15pm - 7:55pm, 6 August, £15/£5

Live Online - Interactive Broadcast: 7:00pm - 8:15pm, 9 August, £1

On Demand - Interactive Broadcast Recording: 9 August - 6 September, £1

Picking up where Karel Čapek’s seminal 1920 play RUR left off, Helena is both a sci-fi romance and a meditation on transhumanism.

Primus, a robot, and Helena, one of the last humans, have escaped to create a new life in secret. As Helena’s human memory begins to fail, the lovers resolve to find a way of uploading her mind before it is lost – and with it the last knowledge of how Rossum’s robots were created.

Marco Galvani’s new opera places live musicians alongside spontaneously-created AI music, in a piece that explores the nature of memory and creation.

The interactive broadcast includes a Q&A with the opportunity for the audience to get involved with generating music via Marco’s synthesiser!

Age range: PG-13
Content advisory: Dementia

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