Hex Sells!

Bolshy, Witchy, Feminist Fun!

31 Jul

Full price: £16.45 Concessions: £13.36 (Incl booking fees)
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Produced and presented by Chaotic Good Theatre
“We are the grand-daughters of the witches you didn’t burn!”. Big mistake. Huge!

What is it about the 'Witch' that fascinates us so? Did the witch hunts ever really die?

In the 15th century, witches were accused of hexing cows, eating babies and even stealing the penises of innocent men!

In 2024, witch hunts may look a bit different, but we may recognise them if we’re really willing to notice how they’ve changed their form.

Through cabaret, grotesque burlesque, spoken word, and lipsync, this modern witch shares with the audience who she really is, if you’re willing to learn from her. What will the witch say next? Who are we told she is, and who is she really?

Hex Sells! is a one woman/witch unapologetic feminist extravaganza of a show! Created and performed by Allie Young and directed by Abby Ferree.

"Touching,humorous and heartbreaking."

"Fun, weird and had some important messages."

"I would follow her into the deepest darkest forest"

"Such a fun show!"

"The poetry rocked and the lip-syncs were tight."

Hex Sells is a work in progress show appearing at The Cockpit for one night only.

Wednesday 31st July - 7:00pm


Running time: 
60 minutes

Suitable for ages 18+

Fake blood. Loud noises. Work in progress showing. Inference of violence against witches.