Strike A Match, Light Up The Void

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Full price: £22 Concessions: £14
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Produced by Genau Dance Co.
A Cockpit Theatre Maker Production


Hoffnung, a German word which translates as ‘hope’, is the inspiration for a challenging and exciting new collaborative dance theatre project by genau dance company.

It is the final piece in a trilogy investigating the theme of resilience. Following ‘Ebb and Flood‘ (2017) and ‘Kreislauf’ (2019), Hoffnung is an international, multi-disciplinary collaboration between genau, visual director Jonathan Samuels, singer/songwriter Lynne Gentle, composer/musician Vera Bohl, Whoollydream Film productions, and art director Osca Whiting. It is produced by Thomas Wilson and directed by Maika Klaukien.

"Hope is neither explicable nor reasonable, but is a triumph over despair.”

Dates to be confirmed