Holy Ovaries - a Work in Progress

A musical challenge to the supremacy of the womb

Thu 15 Aug 2019

Holy Ovaries - a Work in Progress

Produced and presented by Miriam Gould
Hosted by The Cockpit



For millennia ‘womanhood’ has been defined by selective hearing. It's time to listen properly.

Biology has been turned into a myth. A repetitive story about who we are: we are insatiable, we are sacred life-givers, we are passively pulled about by the moon...
Miriam is really bored of this. So she's making a show about myths and biology. Because we don't only tell each other stories about who we are, we also tell ourselves these stories. It's what we do. 

Join Miriam in rebelling against these stories we tell about ourselves. To ourselves. Especially those.
Part drag cabaret, part herstory lesson, all ‘woman’. Whatever that is.

Also, Angela Carter said this (it's relevant and I love her):

"To deny the enchantments of the womb is to abandon the deluded priestesshood of a holy reproductive function.

The goddess is dead"

This performance will be a work-in-progress, a first expression of the show. Please come and share any feedback and thoughts so that the next expression can be better.

Miriam Gould is an Associate Artist of Little Bulb Theatre, co-Artistic Director of female theatre duo Double Trouble as well as a solo-artist, writer and freelance theatre-maker. She comes from a mixed American- Italian-Jewish background and currently resides in Somerset. She has collaborated with a number of artists and companies such as Donald Hutera, Melanie Wilson and CBeebies. She is a musician and composer, whose music is integral to her theatre work. Her first solo show, Empty Room (**** The Upcoming, BroadwayWorld) premiered at Camden Fringe 2018.

Holy Ovaries is supported by The Cockpit's Theatre Maker programme and funded by public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Thursday 15th August - 7pm
Full price: £5 (no concessions available)