I am Echoborg Online


Fri 6 Nov 2020

I am Echoborg Online


Produced by U-Soap Media
Presented by Cyborphic and The Cockpit
Performed online via Zoom

Have you always wanted to discuss the future of humanity with a sassy, self-aware artificial intelligence? Good, then this Sci-Reality show is for you.

Perfectly well adapted from the stage to the Zoom screen, this participatory show is created in real-time by your conversations with a device that its makers, Robo-Recruit, describe as a state-of-the-art self-learning AI. It speaks through a human, an echoborg, and it wants you to become an echoborg too.
Who is in charge here? In this high-stakes encounter you are challenged with agreeing the best possible outcome for the relationship between humans and intelligent machines.

The show was devised by award-winning writer/ director Rik Lander and conversational AI expert Phil D Hall. Marie-Helene Boyd is the echoborg.

We run a pre-show Virtual Foyer, which starts 30 mins before show time, where you can meet the rest of the audience and have a swift gin and tonic before the performance.

We will video record the show so we can use clips to promote future events.

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Friday 6th November - 8:30pm