Jazz In The Round... At Yours

Bringing you barrier busting sounds... online

Wed 24 Jun 2020 to Mon 27 Jul 2020

Jazz In The Round... At Yours

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“Grey skies are just clouds passing over" - Duke Ellington.   

Jazz is powerful. But it's not immune. 
Neither are you.
But there is a silver lining.
We are broadcasting Jazz In The Round events online!

"Music is the human soul, without the fear" - Ornette Coleman.   

Expect performances, interviews, music videos and exclusive footage. 

The next broadcast is:


Artists TBC


TIckets are £5

 A link will be emailed to you so you can tune in, and all ticket revenue and additional donations go towards paying all of our participating artists. 


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Here are some ...round at yours broadcasts that went out on Facebook Live when we first got locked down.




You can listen to past sets and subscribe on Youtube & SoundCloud.



2020 has sadly seen festivals big and small be cancelled. But they will return bigger and brighter. And we will be there. 



Emergence is a new all dayer for musicians, sonic artists, producers, cross-arts collaborators and audiences that we hold in the round - but we often take the seats out!
It's a space for artists and audiences to come together for a standing, dance-friendly event where people can meet, experiment and make the right mistakes.

Emergence was due to go back to St Mary In The Castle in Hastings, where it all began.  It's on hold for now, but we'll be back in Hastings soon!

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We debuted at Love Supreme Festival in 2017.
In 2018 year our stage was bigger, brighter, and became the go-to place for a late night hang.
2019 was the best yet.

Sadly we won't see you in 2020.
But 2021 will be the biggest and brightest we've ever done. See you all there!

Visit the Love Supreme website for more details and to join their mailing list.


Every year we are proud to be part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.
In 2018 we spread our Jazz wings with gigs both here and at Kings Place. And in 2019 we filled the stage with more musicians than ever before with Jason Yarde & Acoutastic Bombastic. 

Have a look at their website for more info and to stay up to date with what is happening with this year's festival. 




The Cockpit has been awarded an ACE grant so we can record all the emerging artists that play with us at Jazz In The Round .
Take a bow all those who've contributed for free over the years to hold the space and get us here: Jez Nelson, Chris Phillips, Sean Corby, Alex Watson, Richard Wyatt, Steve Cropper, Gina Southgate.

Take a bow Nick Burkinyoung, Akilah Dale, Chris Lince, Deb Jones, Kat Gardner who make each and every event happen with zen quality.
Take a bow The Audience; and Cockpit Supporters of Sound, dozens of whom have been to each and every gig for 7 years.

JiTR set out to provide an open event truly able to reflect and promote the brilliance, beauty and innovation of contemporary jazz in London and the stories of its fabulous musicians.

And we're doing it. So loud applause for all of us  -  In the round.





Each month we are lucky to have Steven Cropper taking photographs, and capturing the magic that happens. 
Catch up on his work at www.transientlife.uk where you can marvel at his images!




Every month our artist in residence Gina Southgate paints the action as it happens. See her work on display in our foyer, view it on her website, or just come along and watch her live on the night.

(She's been painting along with lots of online jazz broadcasts too, both here and elsewhere. Check out her facebook page to see how brilliant she is, even with just a computer screen to work from!






Interested in performing at Jazz In The Round? Email alex_j_watson [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Performing%20at%20Jazz%20in%20the%20round) (Alex) to get involved!