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From our on-your- feet EMERGENCE gigs, to stages at LOVE SUPREME and leading gigs as part of THE EFG LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL, we're at the forefront of new sounds.  Plus our flagship night JAZZ IN THE ROUND. Monthly, in-the-round sessions held in The Cockpit main space. Hosted by Jez Nelson and Chris Phillips. Half price tickets for full-time students and Musicians' Union members.

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JITR April: Artists TBA

Monthly Sounds In The Round

27 May
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JITR May: Rob Luft Quintet + more TBA

Monthly Sounds In The Round

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LOVE SUPREME: Three blissful days of music in the Lewes countryside.

We debuted with our own small stage at Love Supreme Festival in 2017. By 2018 year our stage was bigger, brighter, and now, it's the go-to place for a late night hang.



EFG LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL: London's finest Jazz. Every year we stage special gigs and events. 





TRANSIENT LIFE: Each month we are lucky to have Steven Cropper taking photographs and capturing the magic.Visit his website to see his work. 


GINA SOUTHGATE: Our artist in residence who paints the action as it happens. See her work in our foyer, view it on her website, or just come along and watch her live on the night.

At the beginning of 2022 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Here is a film, narrated by Gina, celebrating all the incredible art she has created here over the last 10 years. 

By Sam Mathias Stanley, drum solo by Moses Boyd. 



Perfect Stranger, Chris Biscoe, Let Spin, Rūta Sīpola and Hugo Piper, The Fergus Quill Trio, Shirley Smart and Robert Mitchell present Zeitgeist², Elliot Galvin, Allexa Nava, Tom Ollendorff - Open House, Amy Gadiaga, Luke Purbrick Trio, Maddy Coombs Quartet, Grifton Forbes Amos / Kian Cardenas, Lomna, James Kitchman / Bruno Heinen / Shane Forbes / Tom McCredie, Rob Luft & Elina Duni, Miles From Nowhere, Graham Costello's STRATA, Tom Cawley, Oscar Lyons



Black Top (Orphy Robinson & Pat Thomas), Stuart McCallum, Tomorrow's Warriors Junior Band, Tony Kofi's A Portrait of Cannonball, Rory Ingham, Chelsea Carmichael, Nikos Ziarkas, Ruth Goller's Skylla, Howl Quartet, XVNGO, Revival Room, Maria Christina Harper / Josephine Davies / Evan Jenkins, Pete Wareham, Justin Thurgur, Dominic Ingham Quintet, Leon Foster Thomas, NYJX, Rick Simpson, Jelly Cleaver, Peter Wareham, Ruth Goller, Will Glaser,  Emily Jane Roberts, James Allsopp, Tomasz Bura, Deschanel Gordon Trio, Loz Speyer’s Time Zone, Million Square, Mackwood, The Nick Walters Quartet, Mikele Montolli, Ken Hoon



Josephine Davies Trio, Will Glazer, Matthew Herd, Liam Noble, Beware Of The Bear, Daniel Casimir, Abbie FInn Trio, Ms Maurice Grey, Xhosa Cole Trio, Isobella Burnham, Emma Rawicz Quintet, Caroline Kraabel.


Martin Speake’s Charukesi, Deidre Cartwright, Twospeak, Stan Sulzmann Quartet, Jonny Mansfield, Burnheart, Elliot Galvin, Laura Jurd, Alina Bzhezhinska, Tim Garland, James Beckwith, The Scientists, Yadasofi, Andrew Asante Quintet, Okumu, Herbert, Skinner, Rick Simpson.


Rory Simmons Septet, Sam Leak, Pyjaen, Roller Trio, Maurizio Ravalico, Tomasz Bura and the Scientists, Mark Kavuma Quartet, Alex Munk, Charlotte Keeffe Quartet, Preston Glasgow Lowe, Chiminyo, Meraki, Camilla George feat. Winston Clifford, Daniel Casimir & Al MacSween, Nikki Yeoh, Dee Byrne Entropi, Snowpoet, Dave Green, Jack Yardley Quintet, Sirkis/Bialaa IQ, Tom Challenger, Christos Stylianides’ Quintet, Mark Lockheart: Days on Earth, Tom Herbert, George Winstone, Binker Golding Quartet, Trish Clowes, Adam Woodcock's Meridian, Jason Yarde & ACOUTASTiC BOMBASTiC.


Yazz Ahmed, Sarah Tandy, Jamie Murray Beat Replacement, Ivo Neame Quartet, Ruth Goller, Serendip, Jay Phelps Quartet, Omar Puente, Phelan Burgoyne Trio, John Law's Congregation, James Beckwith, Mezcla, Steve Williamson Trio, Joy Ellis, Arthur O'Hara Trio, Ed Jones Quartet, Emma-Jean Thackray, Mikele Montolli Trio, Collective X, Chris Montague, Wonky Logic, Jay Phelps Quartet, Rob Luft Band, Jamie Murray Beat Replacement feat. Zhenya Strigalev, Bukky Leo & Black Egypt, Emma Jean Thackray, Sarah Tandy Band, Lokkhi Terra, George Crowley, Fergus McCredie Trio, Laura Jurd, Corrie Dick, J-Frisco, Jessica Lauren Quartet, Jean Toussaint Brother's Testament, Tony Kofi Wonky Logic String Ting, Chris Montague Quartet feat. Kit Downes, Kim Macari, Michael De Souza Trio.


Dinosaur, Jasper Høiby, Elliot Galvin / Mark Sanders duo, John Horler Trio feauring Norma Winstone and Quentin Collins, Esquivo, Matthew Bourne,James Mainwaring, Family Band, Where Pathways Meet, Alexander Hawkins, Alina Bzhezhinska - Inspired by Alive and John Coltrane, Cath Roberts, Daniel Casimir's 'Project M', Matt Ridley Quartet feat. Jason Yarde & John Turville, Adam Fairhall, Waaju, Olie Brice Quintet, Henry Lowther, Big Bad Wolf, Liam Noble/Tom Herbert/Seb Rochford Tom Hewson, Alex Hitchcock, Interchange, Sam Barnett.


Enemy feat. Kit Downes, Petter Eldh & James Maddren, Julie Kjaer, Bahla, Empirical, Django Bates, Orphy Robinson/Evan Parker, Jeff Williams, Jason Yarde -isq, Denys Baptiste Late Trane, Phillip Achille, Alex Munk, Geoff Eales' Transience, Femi Temowo, Skint, Stardust feat. Stan Sulzmann & Nikki IIles, Steve Noble, Vels Trio, Ant Law, Zoe Rahman, SEED, Tori Freestone Trio, Nikki Yeoh, Ezra Collective, Time Is A Blind Guide, Gina Southgate & Alan Tomlinson, Triforce, Chat!/Pulcinella, Tomorrows Warrior's Youth Orchestra led by Binker Golding and Gary Crosby, Tomorrow's Warriors String Ting, Alexander Hawkins-Elaine Mitchener Quartet, Michael Janisch, James Beckwith Trio.


Simon Purcell's Red Circle, Sam Dubois, Nerija, Gary Crosby Groundation, Rowland Sutherland, Sam Eagles Qt, Stickchops feat. Orphy Robinson, Anthony Kerr & Clark Tracy, Dave Pattman, Ashley Henry trio, Nick Smart, Alexander Hawkins, Moss Freed's Let's Spin, Marc Cary Focus Trio, Tori Handsley, Rob Luft band, Quentin Collins Quartet, John Etheridge, Camilla George Qt, Bunch of 5, Tunde Jegede, George Crowley's Can of Worms, Noel Langley, Edentide Ensemble, Binker & Moses On The Slide, Jean Toussaint Qt, Raymond MacDonald, Theon Cross Trio, Iain Ballamy Food, Grew & Watts, J Sonics.





Jazz In The Round has been awarded an ACE grant so we can record all the emerging artists that play with us at Jazz In The Round .

And we couldn't do it without our friend and a long time supporter of Jazz In The Round Loudwater Partners. We thank you.

Take a bow all those who've contributed for free over the years to hold the space and get us here: Jez Nelson, Chris Phillips, Sean Corby, Alex Watson, Richard Wyatt, Steve Cropper, Gina Southgate.
Take a bow Nick Burkinyoung, Akilah Dale, Chris Lince, Deb Jones, Kat Gardner who make each and every event happen with zen quality.
Take a bow The Audience; and Cockpit Supporters of Sound, dozens of whom have been to each and every gig for 7 years.

JiTR set out to provide an open event truly able to reflect and promote the brilliance, beauty and innovation of contemporary jazz in London and the stories of its fabulous musicians.

And we're doing it. So loud applause for all of us  -  In the round.


Jazz In The Round is a Cockpit Production.

The Cockpit is supported City Of Westminster College, a part of United College Group


Interested in performing at Jazz In The Round? Email alex_j_watson [at] hotmail.co.uk (subject: Performing%20at%20Jazz%20In%20The%20Round%20(via%20Website)) (Alex) to get involved!