JITR @ Cambridge Jazz Fest: Maria Reháková | Rebecca Nash | Maddy Coombs

Jazz in the Round on the Road

25 Nov

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Saturday 25 November - 7:00pm

JITR @ THE CAMBRIDGE JAZZ FESTIVAL: Maria Reháková + Rebecca Nash + Maddy Coombs  

VENUE: Cambridge Junction, CB1 7GX
The jazz-heads late-night hangout of choice, Jazz in the Round bring their monthly cutting edge nights to the Cambridge Jazz Festival!

Maria Reháková is a jazz flautist, singer and composer based between London and Bratislava. She studied jazz at the Guildhall School of Music and was the flute chair for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Combining jazz tradition with songs Maria grew up singing in her childhood Slovak folklore group, TOPOĽANA is a jazz folk fusion sextet packed with some of the freshest young talent on the London jazz scene.

Maria Reháková – Flute, Voice, Alto Flute
Gustavo Clayton Marucci – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Sam Knight – Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Lee – Piano
Sam Ingvorsen – Double bass
Floyer Sydenham – Drum kit

Rebecca Nash presents ‘Redefining Element 78’ – feat Nick Malcolm on trumpet.

Her music blends bold melodies with electronic elements and grooves, placing them within ethereal harmonic soundscapes. The suite, a collection of eight pieces, is curiously centred around precious metals;: Platinum, Osmium, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, and Palladium. The music’s excitement comes from a creative tension between detailed through-composed sections and large swathes of free improvisation.

Maddy Coombs is a tenor saxophone player based in London, and her band has been playing together for a long time in various different forms after first meeting through Tomorrow’s Warriors classes when they were younger. The band offers a unique sound
taking inspiration from lots of different music that they love, but mostly jazz.

Maddy Coombs – Saxophone

Menelik Claffey – Double bass
Sultan Stevenson – Piano
Zoe Pascal – Drums