Dance Theatre exploring human resilience

Sat 16 Feb 2019 to Sun 17 Feb 2019



Produced by Genau Dance Company

Presented by The Cockpit


Kreislauf is a German word which literally translates as 'circulation of the blood' – Kreis meaning circle and lauf meaning run - and is the inspiration for a challenging and exciting new collaborative dance theatre project by Genau dance company, directed by Maika Klaukien, with an original score by Olivier award-winning Michael Haslam, lighting design by Jonathan Samuels and scenography by Miriam Nabarro.

A single human heartbeat requires a symphonic coordination of opposites; narrowing and widening; contracting and relaxing; coiling and uncoiling, all of which happens, unseen and largely unfelt, in under a second. When blood flow is interrupted, our life-force is threatened. The mysterious and sacred power of the heart, its spiritual and cultural symbolism and inherent value, is universal and the ultimate human leveller, impervious to money, power and might.

Following on from Klaukien’s Ebb and Flood in 2017, which explored the repetitive withdrawal and return of the tide, Kreislauf is the second in a trilogy investigating the theme of human resilience, exploring how our contemporary society deals with our ever changing world.

Director Maika Klaukien | Co-Choreographer Akane Abe | Rehearsal director Carla Goncalves | Saxophonist Trimmer | Composer / Pianist Michael Haslam | Singer/Songwriter Lynne Gentle | Scenography Miriam Nabarro | Lighting design Jonathan Samuels | Graphic design Osca Whiting | Treasurer Charles Abbott

Dancers | Akane Abe, Carla Goncalves, Kaori Whiting, Nami Furukawa, Rina Wako, Thomas Wilson, Maaya Egami

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February 2019 - 6:00pm, plus an extra show on 16th at 8:30pm
Full price: £20 Concessions: £12 Early bird : £16 (until 30th November)