A solo show using PVC plastic tubes as a partner

Fri 8 Nov 2019 to Sun 10 Nov 2019


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Produced and presented by Hazel Lam

Lighthouse is a piece of solo performance exploring feminine physically with an unusual object as a partner. PVC stretches considerably. Since it is the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. Will the strands of plastic hold my weight, particularly considering the physicality with which I manipulate them? Do I trust them to? How much torture can they bear before they snap?

The show focuses on the different ways in which I can explore my physicality using the plastic tubes as well as dance and circus mediums. The idea is to create a relationship with the objects through movements that reflect emotions, such as throwing, catching, wringing and whipping. The live art 'construction' element of the performance aims to build tension in my relationship with the tubes by physically working with them, transforming them from inanimate objects into my partner. I am driven by the desire to question whether living in solitude is the best and only way to preserve our inner tranquility in a crowded and bustling metropolis where there is little personal space. I will construct my own fantastical habitat with the material on stage.

My focus is cross-artform collaboration. Music, dance and contemporary circus are disparate fields, yet ones that can, and in my case do, overlap. I specialise in collaborative work with artists from different background and I am developing a common language across these three artistic fields through harmonious yet contradictory amalgamations that aim to push the boundaries of what each of these fields can be.

50 minutes 


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Friday 8th November - 7pm
Sunday 10th November - 5:30pm
£10 advance, £12 on the door