Lucrezia the Sinner, Lucrezia the Saint

A monologue based on the life of Lucrezia Borgia

Sun 13 Oct 2019 to Mon 14 Oct 2019

Lucrezia the Sinner, Lucrezia the Saint


Produced and presented by Theatre Lab Company
Hosted by the Cockpit

Lucrezia the Sinner, Lucrezia the Saint
Lucrezia Borgia, alternatively ruthless political schemer and victim of historical circumstance, awaits entry to the kingdom of heaven following her demise. Her ‘apologia’ presents juxtaposing accounts of her earthly existence: innocent victim of corruption, exploited to serve political interests, to willing accomplice with rumours of indulgence, incest, orgies and murder. But is there more to tell? Lucrezia has the opportunity to explain, but can she convince God? Is she a saint or a sinner?

London’s Theatre Lab Company are known for dynamic, daring and visually stunning work,, and at the same time, creating accessible and engaging theatre for a wide audience. Their profile includes classics, devised and musical productions as well as classical and contemporary Greek theatre. The show premiered at the Oxford Playhouse - BT Studio in March 2019, and is now coming to London - a humorous and eloquent monologue based on the life of Lucrezia Borgia.

Please note, this play will be performed in Greek with English surtitles. ​

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Sunday 13th and Monday 14th October - 7:30pm
Full price: £16 Concessions: £12