Jean Anouilh's Medea: an intimate tragedy

31 Jul

Full price: £10 Concessions: £7
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Produced and presented by Wretched Strangers

Hosted by The Cockpit

Medea's husband is leaving her. She is in a foreign land, unable to fit into society, and plots her revenge.
This production of Jean Anouilh's Medea (translated by Luce and Arthur Klein) is a modern take on the classic myth of the wretched mother. The intimate drama revisits the tragedy from the viewpoints of exile and terror.

Directed by Paloma Jacob-Duvernet
Starring François Carpentier, Massimo Guasti, Carole Le Clanche, Piotr Mirowski and Camille Wilhelm

Wretched Strangers is a European theatre company which aims to give a voice to foreigners living in the UK.

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Tuesday 31st July - 7pm