Don't close your eyes - you might miss it!

Mon 2 Mar 2020 to Fri 6 Mar 2020



Produced by Fusion Theatre Company & Global Hive Laboratories
Presented by The Cockpit

Medusa. For generations, she has been depicted as a god, a mortal, an erotic power capable of unravelling men, a fearsome image to ward off evil, and a dangerous monster to be destroyed.
With feminist ideals at the forefront of our culture, she is again a power player, arresting us in her gaze.

Don't close your eyes - you don't want to miss it.

Medusa is a multidisciplinary performance devised by an international ensemble of artists over one year, in four countries. Medusa celebrates the intersectional feminist revitalisation of western mythology, the integration of accessibility design into the generative process, and the way social location affects participation in and interpretation of artistic experiences.

Featuring live music, dance, spoken word, multimedia and visual art, audiences will encounter Medusa’s journey, physical transformation, and isolation through all 5 senses.

Fusion Theatre Company believe that theatre brings people together. That is why we are dedicated to creating professional fully Accessible theatre that explores different cultural ideas, traditional stories, heritage and global issues in order to educate, entertain and enhance our understanding of the world we live in.

The Global Hive Laboratories collective integrates access design into the devising process from Day One. This includes thinking intentionally about how what we share can be experienced by different kinds people, and how to develop Accessible content that is present in every performance of a piece, rather than specifically assigned dates for those who would seek out those services.

All performances will offer:
• Open Captioning
• Audio Description
• Touch Tour
• BSL Interpreter

Please email infoatfusiontheatre [dot] london for our full Accessibility pack, which includes details of the step-free Access, audience journey, and all the services we offer. 
If we can open our space to you in any other way, please get in touch on 0207 4324747.

The Artists:
Katie Merritt
Denise Yvette Serna
Anna Donnell
Iman Kerroua
Carolina Migli-Bateson
Earl T. Kim

Accessibility is intrinsic to our values as a collective and to the core of what we DO. We create an environment in which performers, directors, designers, playwrights, and audience members feel welcome to work with us and experience our productions. We can expect mistakes, shortfalls, and misunderstandings along the way, but if we go into providing access with open minds and hearts, we can always improve.

Monday 2nd to F​riday 6th March 2020 - 7:30pm
Full price: £16 Concessions: £12 Earlybird: £10