Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play

When civilisations are destroyed, stories survive

Wed 3 Jul 2019 to Sat 6 Jul 2019

Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play


Produced and presented by The Bridge Theatre Training Company
Hosted by The Cockpit


By Anne Washburn
Direction by Sean Turner

Maybe there is no moral. Maybe it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened.” – Lisa Simpson.

From Homer’s Odyssey to Homer the Heretic, when civilisations are destroyed the greatest stories we tell survive.

In the wake of a nuclear catastrophe a disparate group of survivors try to recall episodes of The Simpson’s in the hopes that their shared memory of popular culture will normalise and ground them in this new human experience. The stories they choose to memorialise around a camp fire will take root and form the basis of folk tales and mythology for generations to come.

Anne Washburn’s extraordinary thought experiment asks questions about the very soul of humanity, why we tell stories, how they spread and what they mean to us. ‘Mr Burns’ brings to life a vivid world just beyond our own existence.

Performed by students of The Bridge Theatre Training Company with Direction from Sean Turner The Play That Goes Wrong (West End, UK tour, International), No Villain (Trafalgar Studios), Nahda (Bush Theatre) Talk Radio (Old Red Lion)

Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th July - 7:30pm


Full price: £12 Concessions: £9