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Sun 2 May 2021 to Sun 5 Dec 2021

New Stuff

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Our monthly night of rehearsed readings, taking place at 7:00pm on the first Sunday of the month. 

Currently happening LIVE ONLINE.

Next Broadcast: Sunday 2 May - 7:00PM

The Cockpit presents two pieces of new writing from Claudia Saavedra & Eric Silver and Steven Lancefield. 

Rushes by Steven Lancefield

They were hoping for Cannes. It will end up in court...

'Rushes' is a claustrophobic drama set in a cramped bedsit. Ambitious documentary film maker Will is working on his new project about a vulnerable woman, Carly. But when tragedy strikes, does the blame fall with Will, or has Carly been pulling the strings all along..?


Threesome by Claudia Saavedra & Eric Silver
@almost_pro_productions |

Alex and Eve are just like any dysfunctional millenial trying to survive in today's world. 

Eve is tired of the misogyny she has to endure in everyday life and Alex... Well, Alex just wants to watch TV.

In order to afford the rent, they need to interview a potential flatmate. After a string of unsuccessful applicants, mostly due to Alex’s strong opinions and inability to keep any of his opinions to himself, they meet Evan. The challenge presents itself: Alex has to keep his opinions to himself and Eve needs to try and control her insatiable libido.

Will this unlikely trio crash and burn or will they reach their happy ending as a threesome?


Tickets are £1 with an optional donation at checkout. 

Ticket buyer will be sent purchase confirmation plus a separate Cockpit booking reference containing a Zoom link.

Dates coming up: 
2 May, 2021
6 June, 2021
4 July, 2021
1 August, 2021

We are now accepting applications for New Stuff August-December 2021!

If you’re a writer, director, producer or theatre-maker and have a piece of new writing that you’d like to put in front of an audience, then this is the place for it!

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Any questions? Want to make an application? Or just want to find out more about New Stuff? Feel free to email our New Stuff producer involvedatthecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (Michael).





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ACCESSIBILITY: When New Stuff is at The Cockpit, the show takes place in one of our upstairs studios, which is only accessible up a spiral staircase.
Also, numbers are strictly limited, so it is strongly advisable to book in advance.