New Stuff

Monthly Rehearsed Readings

4 Sep

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A Cockpit Production

Part of Theatre Maker & Cockpit Broadcasts


Our monthly night of rehearsed readings, taking place in The Cockpit's Studio 1 at 7:00pm every first Sunday of the month. 


COMING UP: Sunday 4 September, 7:00pm

Something To Take Off The Edge by Errol McGlashan
Ezra and Terry flirt with drugs, chocolate Hobnobs, and Shakespeare while serving long-term prison sentences in 1980s Britain. 


2145 by Emma Kelly  |
2145 is a comic road trip to the future where no one knows who's in control. It's Thelma and Louise meets Red Dwarf for the stage. It's science fiction on a shoestring.


Tickets are £3 with an optional donation at checkout.


Applications for New Stuff 2022 are now open!

If you’re a writer, director, producer or theatre-maker and have a piece of new writing that you’d like to put in front of an audience, then this is the place for it!

If you would like to take part in New Stuff, please apply here.

New Stuff in 2022 will take place on the following dates: 

Sunday 7 August, 7:00pm
Sunday 4 September, 7:00pm
Sunday 2 October, 7:00pm
Sunday 6 November, 7:00pm
Sunday 4 December, 7:00pm

For further information about New Stuff, please visit our More Information For Applicants page or email our New Stuff producer involved [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (Michael).







ACCESSIBILITY: When New Stuff is at The Cockpit, the show takes place in one of our upstairs studios, which is only accessible up a spiral staircase.
Also, numbers are strictly limited, so it is strongly advisable to book in advance.