Not the End of the World

A busy time if you mean to outlive it

Wed 5 Dec 2018 to Fri 7 Dec 2018

Not the End of the World


Produced and presented by UCL Drama Society 

Hosted by The Cockpit

Not the End of the World is based on the ancient religious story of Noah’s Ark. McCaughrean and Reade reimagine the reality of the flood story and this production's original score draws on religious music from around the world. 

Through the perspective of the women on board, this play investigates the pressures of being the last people on Earth and of fulfilling your religious duty. Within the familial microcosm of the Ark we witness the rise of religious extremism in a rapidly deteriorating environmental milieu.

Not the End of the World is a physical ensemble piece about climate change and how this is forcing people to flee natural disasters as refugees in search of a better life. 

Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th December - 7:30pm

Full price: £10 Concessions: £5