#Penetration by C. Lloyd-Davies

No-one lies about rape. Do they? LIVE ON STAGE

Wed 28 Apr 2021 to Fri 31 Dec 2021

#Penetration by C. Lloyd-Davies

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Produced by Living the Drama

Presented by The Cockpit

Due to the current restrictions this show has been postponed.
It will be back with a new date soon!
No one lies about rape. You either consent or you don't, that's absolutely clear. But what about when memories aren't as clear?

When Sean is accused of rape by Anna, his arrest throws his world into turmoil. His mother Felicity, a lifelong feminist, knows women don't lie about rape just as surely as she knows her son is innocent.  As the story of that drunken night swings between Anna's credible account and Sean's own recollection, the line between verbal and non-verbal consent becomes increasingly blurred.

'Innocent until proved guilty' is ripped up as Sean is exposed in the press, publicly abused and barred from his university, his course and his future. The interminable wait for prosecution finally drives Felicity from grief to a dark obsession.

Written by Carolyn Lloyd-Davies and directed by David Trevaskis, #Penetration is inspired by seven true stories between 2014 and 2019. This controversial play explores sexual boundaries, the pervasive damage of social media and exposes the hidden snares of a 'hook up' culture.

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