Persephone's Dream (Interactive Broadcast)

How are we human when we sleep?

Tue 22 Sep 2020 to Tue 20 Oct 2020

Persephone's Dream (Interactive Broadcast)


Produced by Fat Lady CIC

Recording available for 28 days after broadcast

There is also a live performance of Persephone’s Dream at The Cockpit Theatre at 20:45-21:15, Friday 18th September 2020.

This broadcast includes a recording of the live performance, and additional live content.

Concept: Holland Williams
Music: Grist, Braithwaite and Alexander

Persephone’s Dream is a digital/live hybrid opera that tells a story of withdrawal from the world. Unpicking the rites of hibernation and exploring whether, in our waking sleep, we can still yearn, struggle, resist – be human.

Through the central figure of a biodegradable Persephone and a 2D virtual chorus of curious eyes, the piece explores the purifying power and danger of isolation. It interrogates the threshold between suspension and action, the real and the imagined and asks if the dream is good – why wake?

Additional content for the broadcast:

What makes the perfect bedtime story? Are your dreams made of sand or something more substantial? We are inviting audiences to attend a nighttime engagement in PJs, with blankets close at hand and a night-time drink on the ready. We will be asking you to help us recreate a wondrous dream and set up for a perfect night’s sleep. Persephone’s Dream team warmly welcome people who identify as sleepyheads.

All ages (mostly adults)
Content warning: hints of violent intent

Live Broadcast: Tuesday 22nd September - 9:00pm
Duration: 1 hour

£1, plus voluntary donation post event