Pigspurt's Daughter

Daisy Campbell performs her acclaimed solo show.

Sat 6 Oct 2018

Pigspurt's Daughter


Produced and presented by The Cockpit and The Mycelium 

From The Mycelium, who brought you last year's Cosmic Trigger, comes Daisy Campbell's highly acclaimed solo show, Pigspurt's Daughter. Part tribute to her father, Ken Campbell, part exploration of the further reaches of counter-culture and beyond, this extraordinary show will twist your mind into knots while it breaks your heart. It's also funny. This may well be your very last chance to catch it. 

"Comedic, meticulously crafted genius and a joyful ride from start to finish"
Theatre Box ****

"A joy to travel alongside her"
London Theatre ****

"Pigspurt is a trickster, a provocateur, who incites Campbell junior to search for her real self by doing something that will surprise it into existence"
The Reviews Hub ****

"The theatre needs this kind of dynasty"
View from the Cheap Seat ****

"Fizzing with synchronicity, Pigspurt's Daughter slices through the kipple like an expertly-wielded wooden tie, creating an ephemeral entropy embargo-cult whose sole aim is to Hail our cathartic truebadour Daisy Campbell, as she unspins her expertly-conceived fractal mind-dive. Five Pies."
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Saturday 6th October - 7:30pm

Full price: £15 Concessions: £11