Poker Face

Dinner escalates to a game of money, power & sex

Sun 12 Nov 2017 to Tue 14 Nov 2017

Poker Face

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Produced and presented by LegalAliens

Hosted by The Cockpit

Poker Face
Prague, 2011. On the eve of president Havel’s funeral, a family dinner escalates into a game of money, power and sex where nothing is what it seems.

A witty tragicomedy combining realism and physical theatre, live action and multi-media in a feast of theatricality praised by critics in the UK and abroad.

Written originally in Czech by Petr Kolečko and translated by Eva Dáničkova in collaboration with the cast, Poker Face is an irreverent, original play about generational conflict, the disintegration of political ideals, and heroes with feet of clay, It portrays a world in which the absurd is constantly lurking round the corner, everyone and everything can transform into something unexpected, and tragedy is always threatened by farce.

Written by: Petr Kolečko
Translated by: Eva Dáničkova
Directed by: Becka McFadden

Associate Director/Design: Cassandra Fumi
Produced by: LegalAliens
Videos: Jan McGregor, Becka McFadden

Cast: Mark Ota, Daiva Dominyka, Lara Parmiani (and special guest Arnost Goldflam)

Champion poker player Jana travels the world in style. She is rich, strong, cold and speaks in sarcastic one liners. She has a difficult relationship with her daughter Pavlína, who struggles to understand how, in 1989, Jana could have been a passionate revolutionary, fighting the Communist regime. She doesn't know her mother is haunted by her past. By her father's letters from Africa playing in her head. By the guilt for not being able to grieve at his death, so busy she falling in love with leading dissidents. Pavlína is attracted by the idealism of Viktor, an ambitious young man who claims to be "fighting for his generation" using the power of Twitter. On the eve of president Václav Havel’s funeral, when Jana returns from Tokyo to find Viktor and Pavlína making out in her apartment, an embarrassing family dinner turns into a dangerous game escalating first in sex, then in violence and, eventually, in farce. Is Pavlína president Havel's daughter? What is Viktor really after? Is there still room for icons in our cynical world?

Sunday 12th November  - 7:30pm
Tuesday 14th November - 8:30pm

£10 online, £12 on the door