Rebel Boob

Life, When It Goes Tits Up

15 Jun to 22 Jun

Invited Audience Only
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Produced and presented by Speak Up! Act Out!

Rebel Boob returns for some extra performances with an invited NHS audience.

Rebel Boob is a play about breast cancer – but it's not really about breast cancer.
Using interviews of women with a primary diagnosis as a starting point, this is a post-verbatim multimedia performance which uses prose, choreography and film, to explore themes of identity, priorities, resilience, body image, grief and relationships.

This is a show that recognises and illustrates, the period after treatment: the recovery period. That's when you start picking up the pieces and dealing with this new reality.
Studies have shown that a large number of people experience anxiety and depression during this period, when the 'dust settles', but it is either not acknowledged or not dealt with.
In many ways, we are still in the dark about cancer. Certain issues are taboo and we are not talking enough about the numbers of women and men who survive and go on to live rich, fulfilling lives.

This play is not about chemotherapy and it's not about death (though we may talk about it a bit!); this play is about life, and it is about re-evaluating who you are, living in the present, and the unexpected silver linings along the way.

It is a raw, funny, honest and beautiful insight into what can happen when your life as you know it, stops. And then starts again.

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June 2022
Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June 2022 

3pm shows with a Q&A afterwards

These performances are for an invited NHS audience only