Rebetiko's journey: from Greece to the World

A day of workshops, exhibitions & concerts

Sun 17 Nov 2019

Rebetiko's journey: from Greece to the World


Produced by Ark4Art & Rebetiko Carnival
Presented by The Cockpit

Join us for a day of workshops, exhibitions and concerts mapping the journey of rebetiko via the ports of the world. Get on board the adventure of this treasured Greek music, as it journeys from its beginnings in Smyrna and Peiraias gradually spreading to the Americas and the rest of the world, absorbing the rich elements of different musical cultures and making it its own.

The day will consist of:

1) Creating a Rebetiko band for amateur musicians! A 3 hour workshop given by Spiros Bolovinis and Pavlos Carvalho on rebetiko music. Mainly playing for everyone, not talking! This will be appropriate for experienced amateur instrumentalists and singers, as well as people who have just started and can only play open strings. We will find an important role for everyone and together form a big band of rebetiko musicians. Together with you, who take part, we will put together a set list of your favourite rebetika songs, chosen by the participants. We will work at melodic lines, how to support the singers, improvisations and how to structure them as well as harmonising with second and third voicings for those who are more advanced. All done on the spirit of an open jam session. This will end in an acoustic performance at the end of the day in the foyer and bar area of the Cockpit Theatre after Plastikes Karekles’ performance in the main auditorium.

2) Two performances  (afternoon and evening) by Plastikes Karekles. Two different programmes of songs that show the exciting journey of rebetiko and how it developed from it’s early days through to the 50s.

Plastikes Karekles: Manolis Taouxis-bouzouki/voice, Michalis Iskas-violin, Maria Tsirodimitri-guitar/voice , Marina Deligianni-voice/hand-held percussion, Spiros Bolovinis-baglama/voice, Pavlos Carvalho-bouzouki/voice

3) An all day exhibition of instruments by one of Greece’s greatest instrument makers, Christos Spourdalakis. Here you will have the opportunity to try instruments and if you like even buy them!

4) A short talk on the music being performed by Plastikes Karekles.

Do join us for what will be a really fun, exciting, informative and interactive day for people of all nationalities and all ages. If you love music of the world, whether you are a seasoned connoisseur of rebetiko or you are just discovering Greek music and it’s treasures, this day is not to be missed.


12:00 - 15:00 - Workshop for musicians (Foyer)
17:00 - 18:15 - concert 1 - including talk before or after (Auditorium)
18:15 - 18:45 - BREAK
18:45 - 20:30 - concert 2 - including talk before or after (Auditorium)
20:45 - 21:45 - drinks and live session (Foyer.)

Workshop - £5
Concert - £15 / £12 conc.
Talk - free
Concert - £15 / £12 conc.
Live acoustic Rebetiko jam session in the bar - free

Both concerts (this includes talk and jam afterwards): £25
Full day (concerts, workshop): £28

Sunday 17th November - 12pm - 10pm
Tickets from £5 - £28