Redefining creative venues with youth led action research

Creating future-fit venues

AKOU in partnership with The Cockpit, Eggtooth and Rise Futures

Collaborating with disadvantaged young people, creative practitioners, mental health specialists and youth support organisations, AKOU will lead an action research project giving direction and evidence to transform creative venues.

Current trends such as the lack of trained practitioners and fewer young people engaging with venues will be explored. We will work with The Cockpit to examine how venues can best support, sustain and nurture skills and talents required in the creative sector. Specifically, looking to establish pathways for young people who face a multitude of socio-economic problems that block them from entering arts and creative careers.

Key insights, learnings and evidence can be actioned by venues such as The Cockpit to transform themselves into sustainable creative hubs fit for the future. Outputs will shape training and development programmes and give evidence to help design new models of operation.

This project will more widely support venues to provide access, opportunities and provide space for young people to come together to train, learn, develop, perform, collaborate and participate more fully in arts and culture.