A play about love and loss.

Wed 11 Sep 2019 to Sat 14 Sep 2019



Produced by People Productions
Presented by The Cockpit

'Remember' is a psychological drama about love and loss.  It explores what we all eventually come to know: grieving the loss of those we love.  Why can it be so hard and take so long?

Karen has lost her son Thomas in a cycling accident, after which she undergoes six years of psychotherapy.  During the same period, Thomas's wife, Elizabeth, joins a religious support group, guided by her group-mentor, Sylvia.  Whilst looking back at their lives, we see how trauma, guilt and regret colour their perceptions of the past.

During these six years, difficulties arise between the characters that echo struggles in previous relationships.  Are these what they need to face to help them with the past?  Will they then make amends with the living, the dead and with themselves?

Our lives and relationships are complex and interwoven.  'Remember' explores what it is to find ourselves repeating patterns in life, sometimes across generations.  What do our memories mean to us?  What purpose do they serve and who do they benefit?  Could examining them access deeper truth that ultimately enriches the lives of us all?

The play was written by Annie Moss, psychodynamic therapist and former lecturer at the University of Essex and Birkbeck College, London.  

The play is directed by Lawrence O' Connor, actor, director, acting teacher, buddhist and social change activist.  Lawrence believes there is no more important task than to ‘teach the human heart knowledge of itself’.  It is for its insights into fundamental and universal facets of the human condition, drawn from the deep and extensive personal and professional experiences of its writer, that Lawrence was fired with a passion to direct this play.


KAREN - Anna Dane Farnworth
ELIZABETH - Gillian Broderick
THOMAS - Ashley Gunstock
SYLVIA - Barbara Cunningham

Assistant Director - Tara Osman
Producer - Annie Moss
Lighting Designer - Olivia Wilson

Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th September - 7:30pm
Thursday 12th September - 2:00pm

Full price: £15 Concessions: £12