Will the buzzing work melt the honeycomb?

Mon 11 Nov 2019 to Tue 12 Nov 2019


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Produced and presented by GOLKK Theatre

Four creatures have finished work for the day. Finally, back to warm honey soaked home. Time to sleep and as the stillness settles thoughts of the message received at work start to simmer, and suddenly they become rest[less].

Expect dynamic physicality and serious play.

Rest[less] is a non-narrative piece, exploring the dangers of "burnout" through the lens of a hive. GOLKK’s unique movement language translates the topic into a seemingly abstract and absurd world that will draw you into the present, offering you an experience which is not only live, but ALIVE.

HSE Vital Statistics for 2017/18, show that 0.6 million people in Britain suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Businesses have created initiatives aiming to reduce stress, such as flexible working hours or physical activities. Although, has this in fact fostered a ‘grazing’ instinct? People are continually tapping into work, whether its via emails or out-of-hours calls- they never “switch off”.

So, as the rhythm of work creeps into our homes, GOLKK question whether we have created a world with no rest. Inspired imaginatively by the construct of beehives, rest[less] juxtaposes a relentlessly buzzing “work” with a warm, honey-soaked “home” in the search for rest.

GOLKK formed in 2016 and are Visiting Artists in Residence at the University of Kent and Gulbenkian since 2017.

GOLKK create high quality, innovative movement performances, and provide dynamic and playful workshops for community groups and schools. As a multinational collective, they are passionate about the universal nature of movement, and endeavor to bridge the gap between mainstream and fringe audiences. Their practice foregrounds a community of sharing between performers, artists, and audiences.

‘Riveting… and brilliantly conceived.’


45mins long
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Monday 11th November - 7:00pm
Tuesday 12th November - 8:30pm
£10 advance, £12 on the door