Rox Paper and The Scissors

Want to change the world? You have one vote

Sat 3 Aug 2019

Rox Paper and The Scissors

Produced and presented by Gone to the Dogs Productions Ltd
Hosted by The Cockpit



Democracy. It throws up all sorts of stuff.


Join us and watch Rox, Paper and The Scissors as they battle to become School President but find out the hard way that not all elections are fought fairly. When head girl Paper is blamed for the vandalism of the school's vending machine, can she defend her position as head of the School Council against school bully, Rox, and disruptive class clown, The Scissors, or will the trolls on social media win and oust her from power?

You choose. You have one vote. Use it wisely.

This is a fun, fast-paced and sometimes silly show about democracy for 8+ year olds. Duration 1 hour. 


Tickets: £7 / £24 family of 4

We also offer a discount for local families and special deals for school parties.

Locals discount: All tickets are £5 each / £16 family of 4, for people living in Church Street Ward postcodes:

NW1 5**,  NW1 6**,  NW8 7**,  NW8 8**,   W2 1**.
Please buy at The Cockpit and bring proof of address.

E-mail -  kidsatthecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk  for details or call us on 0207 258 2925 12 till 6 Mon-Fri.

Saturday 3rd August - 1:30pm

£7 / £24 family of 4