The rise & fall of an African hero.

20 Mar to 14 Apr

Full price: £16 Concessions: £13

Produced  by Kernel Live Ltd

Presented by The Cockpit


"Homeland or death we will win!"

Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" inspires the unforgettable epic story of African hero Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.

Sankara brought an unprecedented change in the mentality of his country, refused foreign aid (under the slogan “he who feeds you, controls you”), nationalised all land and mineral wealth, promoted work for everyone to reach food self-sufficiency and build the first railway.

He was also the first African leader to favour women's rights and to appoint them as key Ministers.

He started an ambitious plan to fight desertification by planting thousands of trees, promoted mass vaccination, and overtly denounced the dark mechanisms behind Africa's odious debt (namely World Bank and IMF) which are the cause of today's World crisis, despite the silence of mainstream media about it.

Fully aware of his tragic destiny, and just days before his assassination, Thomas Sankara pronounced the famous words “while revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you can’t kill ideas”.

Written & Directed by RICKY DUJANY

Ike Chuks - Thomas Sankara
Chris Machari - Blaise Compaore
Shereener Browne - Mariam Sankara / Felix Boigny
Cherice McKenzie Cook - Chantal Compaore
Yinka Ayoni - Henri Zongo
Clovis Kasanda - Jean Lingani / Charles Taylor
Rufus Graham - Francois Mitterrand

Light / Set Designer - Salomé Bazin
Stage Manager - Tegan Cutts
Choreographer - Coco Regina
Music composer - Levi Roots
Sound editor - Ricky Dujany

We very much regret that wheelchairs cannot be taken into the auditorium for this show.

Tuesday 20th March to Saturday 14th April 2018 - 7:30pm
No shows on Sundays or Mondays.