What makes a good citizen?

Tue 15 Aug 2017 to Wed 16 Aug 2017



Produced and presented by The Delta Collective 

Hosted by The Cockpit

"SEVEN is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest. In these times, it is important we come together for the benifit of all."

The nation is in a state of instability. Fear and violence have led to tighter government controls and anti-radicalisation measures. In the near future, seven women find them selves in a new clinical study that aims to combat anti-social behaviour in the community. All participants will leave happier, healthier and fully functional members of society. But what makes a good citizen?

Directed by Laura Hopwood

Alex Kristoffy
Amina Eisner
Anna Brooks-Beckman
Faye Derham
Lekhani Chirwa
Rebecca Robinson
Robin Kristoffy

Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th August - 9pm

Full price: £8.50 Concessions: £7