Sister Mary Does VOILA

All The Fun of Sister Mary But With A French Twist!

Mon 7 Nov 2016

Sister Mary Does VOILA

Produced and Presented By The Cockpit


Monday 7th November, 7pm

Our very own Sister Mary – our own singing nun if you will, is hosting a special edition of her Big Show as part of this year’s Voila.

Each month Sister Mary’s Big Show presents a variety of acts on The Cockpit stage. Magicians, comedians, sword swallowers, mind readers, musicians… and for VOILA she is promising music, comedy and mayhem (probably) with a fabulous French twist.

Featuring our headline act: A Tribute to Jacque Brel - A Life Of A Thousand Times
Performed By Simon Pennicott

Simon is an actor, singer and writer who graduated from The Bridge in July 2008 and has toured extensively since then with companies such as Boxclever, Pendle, Talegate and Kinetic. 

Currently based in Stockport, Simon is working with his company, Far West Theatre, on a musical celebration show, Jacques Brel : A Life a Thousand Times (the first show of its kind to be approved by Editions Brel) which premiered at the Buxton Fringe in 2015, and hopes to tour the UK in 2017.


Soirée Pompette is London’s all-in-French, tongue-in-cheek cabaret.   Staging everything from belly dancers to spoon benders Miss Pompette has been hosting the show since 2010 and has had one too many rosés to remember any of it.  For one night only Miss Pompette will attempt to trompe your oeil with her spectacle de magie.  Prepare to be éblouie, épater and éxhausted by her attempts!

Full price: £ 10 Concessions: £ 8.50