Suffering Jesus

The Poet Questions The Almighty

Thu 5 Sep 2019

Suffering Jesus


Produced and presented by The Bookshop Theatre Company 

Hosted By The Cockpit 


The Poet Questions The Almighty

“God, God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

This desperate cry, spoken or screamed from the Cross, could have been the words of Job in The Hebrew Old Testament. An unknown poet in the 6th century gave radical, poetic voice to a Job who challenged God's injustice.

Back in the Cockpit for one night only, The Bookshop Theatre presents Suffering Jesus - the Poet questions the Almighty 

Greek tragedy, Shakespeare’s tragedies, particularly King Lear, Melville’s Moby Dick, even Beckett’s Waiting for Godot are part of that tradition which directly and indirectly challenges the concept of a just and loving God which underpins Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Almighty, yes, but just and loving? These highly-charged, performed readings will be followed by a possibly highly-charged discussion with our audience.

Yuval Harari, author of “Sapiens” writes that our species dominates the planet through our unique ability to cooperate flexibly. This is achieved because of our shared belief in certain stories, imagined realities from Judaism to Capitalism.
If we hope to survive, we must question the established patriarchal stories and we can come up with better ones.
It is not the so-called Word of God that we need, but the poetic words of wo/men to inspire us towards cooperation based on love and justice not on power.

“Let us not speak ill of our generation. It is not any unhappier than its predecessors”.’ Waiting for Godot 

Laurence Bouvard, Clare Corbett, Karin Fernald and Peter Marinker join Professor Douglas McFarland for this evening based on his research.

Thursday 5th September 7:30pm

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