Tanglewood Tales

Folktales told with theatre, dance & puppets

Sat 23 Feb 2019

Tanglewood Tales


Produced by Dread Falls Theatre
Presented by The Cockpit

Hundreds of years ago, when the great Tanglewood Forest spread across the land and humans could walk freely between this world and that of the fairies, there lived a mischievous faun and two kind hearted pixies. 

Let Faustus and his two sidekicks tell you the story of Butterball and the Troll, The Magic Shoes, The Swamp Prince, Rumpelstiltskin, and many more.

This delightful theatre show brings to life lesser known folk tales from around the world by combining storytelling, dance and puppetry.

Suitable for ages 3 to 11.

"Engaging, enthralling, colourful and wonderful. Absolutely loved your shows. Dread Falls Theatre will forever be welcome at FantasiaFest!" Tom Den Harthog, organiser of FantasiaFest Leeft.

"My girls loved you and they still talk about you now. Such a wonderful, magical way to have a story told. You capture the imagination." - Audience member with children aged 5 and 8.

"There are so many good things to say about the show, it is hard to know where to start!" - Audience member, mum of three.


All Tickets: £7 / £24 family of 4

We also offer a discount for local families and special deals for school parties.

Locals discount: All tickets are £5 each / £16 family of 4, for people living in Church Street Ward postcodes:
NW1 5**,  NW1 6**,  NW8 7**,  NW8 8**,   W2 1**.
Please buy at The Cockpit and bring proof of address.

E-mail -  kidsatthecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk  for details or call us on 0207 258 2925 12 till 6 Mon-Fri.

Saturday 23rd February - 2pm

All Tickets: £7 / £24 family of 4