Tatar Sauce

3 generations of solo-travelling & anecdotes

Tue 21 Aug 2018

Tatar Sauce

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Produced and presented by Emilia Nurmukhametova
Hosted by The Cockpit

Tatar Sauce is a semi-autobiographical solo-performance based on my mother’s and grandmother’s anecdotes from when they traveled to Europe from the Soviet Union and then later during the perestroika decade…alone! The years of isolation and propaganda have surely affected my grandmother’s perception of the “abroad”. The sudden rush of tourism opportunities after the perestroika has prompted my mother’s fascination with a border-free life. A fascination that was inevitably ingrained in me as well.

I grew up listening to their stories, lustfully looking through their travel photographs, even reenacting their memoirs in front of the living room mirror. Yet, it was only when I started traveling solo myself that I discovered all their adventures have been made through a veil of Tatar upbringing, which, in many ways installs rather conservative viewpoints.

So, when the characters of the play leave their home, they discover a whole different way of living, behaving and interacting with the world. But what happens when they go back? How does one preserve their “freedom” while “respecting” their culture? What has changed and what has remained the same when a woman from a traditional family embarks on a solo-travel journey?


Written and Performed by Emilia Nurmukhametova, Directed by Caroline Whitlock


Tuesday 21st August 2018 - 7:00pm

All: £5.00