The Bald Prima Donna - Camden Fringe

Ringing Doorbells, Contrarian Clocks & A Mysterious Soprano

Wed 26 Aug 2015 to Sun 30 Aug 2015

The Bald Prima Donna - Camden Fringe

Welcome to the suburbs of London and the home of Mr and Mrs Smith. The Martins have popped in for a game of whist. Or is it dinner? Nobody seems quite sure. Why are they four hours late? Where has Mary the Maid been all afternoon? Is she really a famous detective? And why is the local fire chief hiding in the shrubbery?

There will be daggers drawn, kisses exchanged and hammers fetched. Frightful stories will be told about red-eyed children, retired country doctors and a snake with a murderous left-hook. And there will be fire. Lots of talk about fire. It's too highly taxed.

Ionesco's exploration of the frailties of language, and of the absurdity that arises out of our every day failures to communicate, is more relevant than ever in a world where text speak and poor email etiquette routinely cause offence and confusion. Slip of the Lip Theatre ( draws out the poignant contemporary relevance while staying faithful to the text and stage directions of Donald Watson's original translation of this 1950s absurdist classic.

Directed by Paul Hoskins and loved by audiences and critics alike, this "side-splittingly hilarious" comedy of manners is Ionesco's iconoclastic, absurdist masterwork about distressed communication and that maddening English habit of saying one thing and meaning something else entirely. Ringing doorbells, contrarian clocks and a mysterious bald soprano provide the, at times cacophonous, soundtrack. 

Slip of the Lip Theatre’s critically acclaimed The Bald Prima Donna is a “pitch-perfect” rendering of Ionesco’s exploration of the frailty of words.


“Some of the most accomplished actors I saw anywhere across the [Brighton] Fringe bring a delicious Joe Ortonish quality to the physical comedy” – Plays International Magazine.

“A pitch-perfect production … Some of the most accomplished actors I saw anywhere across the (Brighton) Fringe bring a delicious Joe Ortonish quality to the physical comedy … Slip of the Lip Theatre Company prove adept in remaining true to Ionesco’s intentions by teetering between absurdism and realism while retaining a naturalistic sheen.” (Plays International Magazine)

"The evening was funny throughout and at times side-splittingly hilarious … Griselda Williams and Brian Merry nicely capture the comic angst, repression and isolation of the seemingly straight laced Mr and Mrs Smith … The play remains as relevant as ever." (GScene Magazine)

“Exceptionally well acted by a hugely talented cast .... [who] drew every ounce of absurdity and humour out of the play”. (Loitering in the Theatre).

Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th August - 7.00pm

Sunday 30th August - 6.00pm

Full price: £12 Concessions: £10