The Bog Roll Bandits

Topical heist comedy about 6 brits who risk it all

27 May to 3 Jun

One show: £5, All Three shows: £12

Produced and presented by Ethereal Theatre Company

Six neighbours enduring the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown band together, prepared to risk everything to pull off the biggest toilet paper heist of 2020. Set in the magical world of Zoom, with friendships, jobs and Banana Bread on the line, will they succeed?

Bringing Isolated, Live theatre for people in isolation, by people in isolation, This topical, original comedy is brought to you by the team who were behind the 5 star Cockpit and Edinburgh fringe success, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2018).

Ethereal Theatre Company is proud to be collaboration with The Cockpit Broadcast.


The Heist Team: 

The Leader: Theresa Dubois - In charge, confident and blunt as a butter knife

The Second In Command: C.J Galloway - The Self Appointed Organised Assistant. Very straight to the point, but can talk for England.

The Care Giver: Gray Thompson - Always there to help, although she might come across as unhelpful at the best of times.

The Get Away Driver: Tyler Forefeather - Full of food and full of fear. The only reason they invited him is because hes the only one that owns a van.

The (Posh) Advocate: Henrietta Jane Fry II - Heir to the Fry Dynasty, She has ordered 5000 masks online, but they won't arrive till September.

The Advisor: Russell White - The closest they’ve been to prison is when they attended a secondary school Juvenile Detention Centre, But you dont need to know that. 

Cast and Crew:

Theresa Dubois: Lou Kendon Ross
C.J Galloway: Oliver Longstaff
Gray Thompson: Tara Ahmed 
Tyler Forefeather: Marc Zayat 
Henrietta Jane Fry II: Jessica Booth
Russell White: Joshua Bassey 
Bunty Galore: Randa Ray

Director: Dana Hudson
Deputy Stage Manager: Kieran Faulkner 

16+ (Guideline)
Contains swearing, innapropriate language 

Social Media

Twitter: @theatreethereal
Instagram: @etherealtheatre

Wednesday 20th May, 8pm
Wednesday 27th May, 8pm
Wednesday 3rd June, 8pm

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