The Burning Question

The female pope is dead!

1 Sep

Full price: £15 Affordable: £5

Produced and presented by The Music Troupe

Music: Edward Lambert
Words: Norman Welch, Edward Lambert, Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914(?))

Attended by a roguish demon and a guardian angel, the female Pope has died. She now wants nothing less than a cosy retirement in paradise, but someone has other ideas and the lift going up gets stuck. It's a Day of Wrath! Will Pete, the Caretaker, be able to fix things? What is it that he knows? Accompanied by piano duet and a choir of heavenly voices, this is a surreal comedy, ridiculous and sublime, that confronts love, death and grand opera all at the same time.

Age Rating: All ages, but mostly adults.

In a festival of new work, please note that shows can often overrun.

Thursday 1 September - 8:30pm