The Glass Flower Society

Elders show on life

23 Jul to 24 Jul

Tickets: £10 / 2 for £14 (plus £1 +3% booking fee)

Produced and presented by Dende Collective

The Glass Flower Society

A touching and magical spectacle about life, death and a rabbit by a community group of 60+.

You are invited to join The Glass Flower Society, a secret organisation whose members find and act out extraordinary stories. Consider yourself lucky, since it rarely opens its doors for non-members, however, enter at your own peril.

Inspired by two short stories by Murilo Rubião, the father of Brazilian Magic Realism, a group of elders 60+ will take the stage for two nights only, to perform their touching version of the tragic tales. Through the magic of theatre and a visual feast, they’ll share with you their views, experiences and feelings about life, death and love.

The Dende Elders
Dende Collective has been offering drama projects to the 60+ in the Church Street area in partnership with the Church Street Library since 2017. Their work empowers the participants by offering best practices, in terms of content and delivery, whilst generating well-being though using two of the most important tools against the adversities of the process of ageing: fun and socialization.

Dende Collective Is a London based theatre company with a Brazilian hint and their shows are a savory feast, often with an international feel to them, bringing together a rich mixture of styles and visual elements.

Cast & Crew:

The Glass Flower Society
Loosely based on the stories by Murilo Rubião

Directed and conceived by Andre Pink
Designed by Caroline Jones
Devised by The Dende Elders
Stage Managed by Maria Cristina Pettiti and Max Topliss
Filmed and Photographed by David Westgate from Popdipingdi

Performed by:

Diana Klewin
Elaine Spence
Elektra Ballarinis
Frank Burbridge
Helen Cuffy
Jane Low
Janet Locke
Joy Lawson
Linda Long
Melanie Moloney
Neil Bhatier
Pary Younan
Pilar Morales
Sandra Coe
Selma Pink
Sheila Barbalonga
Susan O'Reilly
Bob Karper
Lara Korach

This show is supported by The Church Street Library and Create Church Street Fund by Westminster City Council in partnership with crowdfunding platform Spacehive.

Saturday 23 July - 7:30pm
Sunday 24 July - 6:30pm